It's all about Trust.

Created with craft growers and dispensaries in the cannabis industry in mind, Trusted Green is a valuable partner to independent businesses who want to stay true to their vision while competing successfully against big-money interests flooding the market.

Trusted Green plans to bring customers pesticide free, heavy metal free and mold and mildew resistant cannabis. Crafted by caring growers, tested to ensure quality and sold by knowledgeable dispensaries.

Trusted Green Symbol

Look for the Trusted Green symbol when you want consistent, premium product grown and sourced sustainably by companies who are passionate about what they do.

Resources for Growers

Increase yields, boost THC levels and shorten grow cycles with all-natural PlantBoost 420 soil amendment. No pesticides or harmful chemicals, just the power of our proprietary formula.

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Resources for Dispensaries & Consumers

Everyone can use a little magic in their lives. All-natural SmellMagic Smoke neutralizes odor from cannabis, cigarettes, cigars and more on contact. Smells disappear — naturally!

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